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Harbor Master Boat Lifts & Docks

If you need the best engineered aluminum boating accessories, turn to Harbor Master Boat Lifts & Docks. We’ve been creating quality boating products and custom aluminum work for more than 40 years and are the only company that makes a boat lift that can work in as little as 4 ½ inches of water. We have a wide variety of equipment to create your perfect boat dock. We also create custom trailers for car and sporting equipment transport. When you want the highest quality equipment, you can count on the Harbor Master name to deliver products that outlast the competition. You can still see many of our boat lifts from decades ago in use along the Grand Rapids, MI coast and across the country.

We have dealers all around the nation selling our quality waterfront products. Our work with commercial marinas and many personal docking systems have given our company a reputation for quality, whether our products are used for rivers or lakes. Let us help you design the perfect custom dock for your needs.

Learn More About Harbor Master Boat Lifts & Docks:

  • Boat Lifts – pontoon lifts, hydraulic lifts, personal watercraft lifts and elite lifts
  • Docks – modular docks, roll in docks, plastic decking, wood decking and aluminum decking
  • Trailers – race trailers and snowmobile trailers
  • Instruction Manuals – simple instructions for using some of our more complex products
  • Other Products – jeep accessories, truck light bars, roll cages, and custom parts

Contact Harbor Master today at 616-669-3170 or email us directly at for a dealer for you.

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