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Never struggle with your boat lift again. With the Elite Lift you can lift your boat faster, higher and more easily, even in the shallowest water. You can use the Harbor Master Elite Lift in only 4 ½“of water, plus the draft of your boat. The bed can be lowered to the bottom of the lake for shallow water pickup in places that other lifts couldn’t operate in.

One of the major advantages of our shallow water lift is that it allows you to purchase less dock so that you can save money on your waterfront improvement. Another advantage is our unique slant lift design. Other companies use the cantilever and the vertical lift approach which leaves you with a pivot point to overcome. The slant lift makes quick work of lifting your boat, with much less hassle.

The Harbor Master Elite Lift has a number of features to make your boat storage hassle-free, including the ability to place a winch on either side of the lift, making it a perfect fit for any dock. It’s also quick and easy to assemble because of the light weight marine alloy aluminum construction. There are also no full length top tubes, so you don’t have to step over and duck under them when boarding your boat.

The Elite Lift is virtually maintenance free, with a uniquely designed lift frame that holds your boat instead of relying on the cable to do it. This extends the life of the lift and keeps all of the moving parts out of the water when your boat is stored – minimizing wear and tear. Plus, our Harbor Master heavy duty aluminum winches are the strongest in the industry.

For the boater who expects more from marine equipment, only Harbor Master will do.

Our Elite Lift Includes:

  • Lift in only 4 ½“of water!
  • Faster lifting
  • Easier lifting
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • High quality marine alloy aluminum
HME 15100 1500 lbs 100" Manual 36" 250 lbs HMEC 18x100 or 21x100
HME 20100 2000 lbs 100" Manual 48" 280 lbs HMEC 18x100 or 21x100
HME 30108 3000 lbs 108" Manual 48" 350 lbs HMEC 21x108 or 24x108
HME 30120 3000 lbs 120" Manual 48" 380 lbs HMEC 24x120 or 27x120
HME 40114 4000 lbs 114" Manual 48" 420 lbs HMEC 24x114 or 27x114
HMEH 40114 4000 lbs 114" Manual 60" 450 lbs HMEC 24x114 or 27x114
HME 40120 4000 lbs 120" Manual 48" 430 lbs HMEC 24x120 or 27x120
HME 50120 5000 lbs 120" Manual 50" 520 lbs HMEC 24x120 or 27x120
HME 60120 6000 lbs 120" Manual 50" 600 lbs HMEC 24x120 or 27x120

*AC or DC power unit optional  **Canopy standard colors are Blue, White and Gray, custom colors available

As part of its continuing program of product improvement, Harbor Master reserves the right to revise specifications and/or modify products without prior written notice or obligation. Some lifts are pictured with selected options.

Contact Harbor Master today at 616-669-3170 or email us directly at for a dealer near you.

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